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Regular Visits at Liz Faletti, Chiropractor

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Relax before your Adjustment

On a typical chiropractic visit, you will sign-in by filling out the fee slip. Angie will give you your travel card and fee slip and send you to one of the tables, or if there is someone ahead of you, she will tell you which table you will be on. When it is your turn, please put your personal items in the basket, especially emptying your pockets of keys. Next, put a piece of headrest paper on the table, climb on from the end, and lay on your stomach. It helps to relax for a moment before Dr. Liz arrives to adjust you.

Ease and Accuracy of the Activator Technique

Because of the ease and accuracy of the Activator Technique, and the many classes Dr. Liz has attended, the actual adjustment is very quick. All the same, Dr. Liz will make sure that she has checked anything you have concerns about. She will make a few notations on your travel card, then leave it on the table beside you. Please take a moment to wipe the table down with a disposable wipe so that the table is ready for the next patient. This is especially thoughtful during summer hours when many patients are wearing lotions.

Then you will collect your belongings and your travel card and go to the check out counter. Angie will make sure your are scheduled for your next series of adjustments and collect any payments.

Efficient & Effective

We believe that everyone’s time is very valuable. Therefore we are always looking for ways to be extremely efficient and effective for our patients. From the time you arrive to the time you leave your typical visit should take about 10 minutes. Exceptions can occur, especially when emergencies happen, and we always appreciate your patience if we get behind. We promise that when you need extra time, we will be there for you as well.

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