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Kennewick Chiropractic Care with Dr. Liz Faletti

Chiropractic Care for the Tri-Cities Area

Kennewick Chiropractor, Dr. Liz Faletti

Dr. Liz Faletti explaining chiropractic to Nathan, a young patient.

I didn’t know what a chiropractor did until I watched him work on my horses!

My horse had been going lame and the veterinarian recommended Dr. Baze check her as the problem seemed to be in her back, not her legs. I was impressed with the work Dr. Baze did for my mare, but even more impressed when he checked my husband’s horse. Dr. Baze told us that Red had had a trailer accident and moved unevenly in the rearend, even though we had not told him Red’s history! Then, with only a small handheld device called an Activator, Dr. Baze adjusted Red and Red walked normally! It took my mare much longer to respond, as every time I tied her up, she pulled back and whiplashed her neck!

Helping people the Natural Way!

One day, after four months of having low back pain, seeing the doctors and being told I could wait another two weeks for physical therapy, which had not helped in the past, I went to see Dr. Baze. He did a thorough exam, took some x-rays and showed me the results. My spine wasn’t aligned correctly. So I started care. Within four days I was off the prescription strength aspirin I had been taking and in two weeks I was out of all low back pain! Later my migraine headaches went away, too. And when I was seriously hurt in a riding accident, Dr. Baze had me riding again within 11 weeks! During that time, I thoroughly researched both the chiropractic field and the veterinarian field, and decided I wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and help other people and animals, the same as Dr. Baze. What I loved so much about chiropractic was how it naturally helped a person’s body heal itself, that even though people came to the chiropractor because of an ache or pain, they got well so fast, and there was the ability to help them stay well, naturally, without drugs or surgery!

My Chiropractic Education

I decided to go to Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. First, it was the school Dr. Baze recommended, and it was in a part of the world that Mike and I had not lived in before. The other two Straight schools were in Los Angeles or Pittsburg. I had no desire to live in a big city and Sherman College had been around the longest. What struck me the most about Sherman College was their commitment to the Straight philosophy. From day one, I was learning how to determine what a subluxation was, how to find it, and how to correct it. Even when we were studying Biochemistry or Microbiology, all the professors were tying our work back to the subluxation and how the nervous system was the master system and how it helped the body relate to the organism or chemistry. I also chose Sherman College because the school’s philosophy matched Washington State’s philosophy and most Sherman graduates were passing the state board exams easily.

Sherman College is a relatively small college with a great student-teacher ratio. It also has a beautiful campus and the countryside is spectacular, being near the Blue Ridge Mountains. We liked the area so much, we almost chose to stay there for me to practice. We returned to Washington, however, to be near family.

I believe we experience everything in our lives through our nervous system

The nervous system controls and coordinates all the complex processes of the body. We see, hear, feel, taste, smell because our nervous system is working correctly. I think we even connect to our Divine Source through our nervous system. I want all my patients to fully enjoy their lives, families, community, even connect to their Divine source better. Since science has shown that we are supposed to live up to 125 years, I want to help everyone get more out of their time here. Since one of the major interferences to the nervous system is the subluxation, my practice exists to locate, analyze and correct the subluxations, whether or not a patient has symptoms.

Offering Choices

I believe every patient should know what their health challenge is and what I can do to help. I explain everything along the way and offer choices. I meet the patients where they are and help them see what is possible. My challenge is that while I may recommend a certain treatment schedule because I know it will give the best results, it is always up to the patient to decide how much care they want to benefit from.

Patients of All Sizes and Ages

I have been especially blessed to watch patients of all sizes and ages regain their health and have better relationships because of chiropractic care. I’ve seen children recover from ear infections, colic and asthma. I love knowing that because his nervous system works correctly, a two year old can now breathe easily, his parents no longer having to give him CPR to start his breathing, and he can even have pets! I find it especially gratifying to see a baby smile after an adjustment, when just before she had severe colic. What greater joy than to know that a patient is bowling again or painting more, or being able to keep up with their grandchildren. While some patients chose to only receive chiropractic care for episodic problems, others opt to maintain their health and nervous system through regular chiropractic check ups. I am here to help them either way!

At Home with Dr. Liz Faletti

My husband, Mike, and I met at Washington State University on the very first day of school in 1981. He lived in the dorm above mine and we were both starting as Juniors after transferring from community colleges. Amazingly, we later discovered that we had lived within miles of each other most of our lives! Mike proposed to me while we were still in school. We married in October 1983. We graduated in 1986, me with a Bachelors of Foreign Languages and Literature, Mike with a Bachelors in Marketing and Business. We love the outdoors. We have horses and goats and love being with our animals. Mike loves trains and does beautiful model railroads, as well.

I grew up in a family where either eating or medicine was taken if you didn’t feel well. When I didn’t feel good I stayed home from school and when I felt good I went back. Chiropractic care not only helped me with back pain and horrific headaches that I had frequently due to many falls off horses, it also helped me get well enough that colds and allergies rarely slow me down. When I taught school, I got a major flu four times a year, being sick for at least two weeks. Now I may miss one day of practice a year!

My Health Habits

I see my chiropractor once or twice a week just for wellness care. I adjust Mike quite a bit right now as he is recovering from a horse back fall! He says that his headaches have gone completely away since having weekly chiropractic care. I don’t do most vaccinations for myself or my animals, because I know that with a functioning nervous system their immune system will actually work better too. If you look in our medicine chest at home, you will see very few over the counter or prescription meds. We just don’t need them! Overall, Mike and I have become so healthy that besides our yearly physicals, we rarely go to our medical doctors!

I see people looking outside for a quick fix when what matters is strengthening the whole body. So I do my best to eat four to six small meals a day, to exercise three to four days a week, to broaden my mind through classes which are both inspirational, fun, or challenging. I take my Juice Plus twice a day and 2-3 ounces of Mangosteen fruit juice a day to keep up my antioxidant levels as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. Although I am not as consistent with it as I like, I meditate and spend time with Mike and family as often as I can.

Enough about me! I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge.

We want to help you. Call today and arrange your first appointment.