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Kennewick Chiropractor :: First Visit

Welcome to Liz Faletti, Chiropractor

First Visit

You will be warmly greeted and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

On your first visit to our office you will be greeted warmly by our Front Desk who will give you a tour of our office and make you feel welcome. The Front Desk will provide you paperwork to fill out that lets us know about your health history and your health challenges.

Please Bring all Information

Please bring any information that will help you fill these out, such as medical insurance information, medication list, and injury lists. Some patients complete their paperwork within a few minutes, others can take up to a half hour, so we recommend you arrive about half an hour before your appointment.

Thorough Examination

On your first visit you will have a consultation with the doctor, have a thorough examination that includes state of the art computerized testing of the muscles and nerves, and have spinal x-rays, if needed, to determine how we can help you. You will receive some home instructions and information to help you prepare for your next visit. Then you will be escorted to the Front Desk so you can schedule your next appointment. This first visit usually takes about an hour.

Next, what to expect at your second visit.